Inaugural First-Year Design Student Awards Luncheon

May 19, 2023

The student leaders of the First-Year Design (FYD) program are essential to the EGR 101 student experience. Teaching Assistants (TAs); Writing Consultants (WCs); and LabRATS (technical lab support) are selected from a competitive interview process. Successful candidates are chosen for their professionalism, strong interpersonal skills, and performance in EGR 101. Together, this team of student staff provides peer mentorship and technical assistance to support first-year Pratt students through EGR 101. To that end, an award for superior service to the FYD experience was created.

Recipients of the Inaugural CLAMP (Committed Leaders Assisting and Mentoring Peers) Award were chosen from nominations received from Pratt Faculty and staff. Winners received an actual clamp, a $100 Visa Gift Card, and will have their name added to the Inaugural CLAMP Award winner plaque which will be updated annually. On Friday, May 5th, a luncheon was held to honor recipients.

Congratulations to our award winners and thank you for your contributions to the FYD program!

(back row – Quinn Edwards. Middle row from left to right – Dagan Trnka; Dr. Ann Saterbak; Katie Drinkwater; Jeremy Fertig; Will Inigo; Eloise Sinwell; Frank Tang; Ryan Mecca; Robert Cranston. Front row from left to right – Caroline Way; Michelle Riemann; Morgan McCloud; Dr. Michael Rizk)


The CLAMP award (below):