About the Design POD

The Engineering Design POD, a 5,000 square-foot design and learning lab, opened its frosted, blue doors in August 2017. Casually called "The POD", the space is located in The Jinny and Ed Pratt Commons, the ground-level oval space at the Levine Science Research Center (LSRC). The POD includes work tables and benches, power tools and rapid prototyping machines (laser cutters and 3D printers), an impressive pegboard of hand tools, and fully stocked shelves and cabinets loaded with low- to medium-fidelity supplies that teams will used to construct projects from paper-to-prototype. Additionally, the POD is outfitted with soldering and sewing stations, a woodshop, and a media room for private meetings.

The POD is a beautiful, natural light-filled space with an overhead pipe grid providing drop-down power to work tables (no tripping over extension cords!). Designed with purpose, each area of the POD is designated for a different activity (lecture, lounging, and work areas) with equipment and tools situated in ways that are in clear sight of instructors and lab managers. A/V screens and a major sound system have been installed so all students are comfortably able to engage in active learning.

Students enrolled in the FYD program are granted 24/7 DukeCard swipe access to the POD where they  use the space for their team projects, as well as a lounging area to hang out with their peers. Access to the POD is exclusive to students enrolled EGR101L, EGR190, and those with special permission from FYD administration.


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"awesome" and "boomin"