Design 2 Deliver


In the EGR190: Design 2 Deliver (D2D) course, students work on an interdisciplinary team to apply the engineering design process to complete an open-ended, client-based problem drawn from a community partner. D2D is a spring course which extends the project life from the fall semester of FYD’s EGR101 course. Students have the option to continue to work on their previous project to completion or to jump onto a different project for a new experience.

Students collaborate on teams and learn, practice, and implement:

Project Plans

Project plans form the basis for developing and executing work in the class. Teams list specific goals – e.g. research, meetings with clients/potential users/technical experts, scoping and ordering project materials, learning new prototyping methods, etc. – and define a timeline of due dates and deadlines for 4-5-week spans. Team members allocate a point value to each goal within the project plan and define an assessment method to evaluate their success rate. This process is repeated three times.

Written Documention

Teams discuss various mediums (user’s manual, abstract or conference proceeding, grant submission, paper to a journal), but ultimately produce some type of written documentation that finalizes the team’s design work, broadcasts the work to a larger audience, and/or documents helpful information to the client or users.


As a half-credit course, D2D is less of a restricted time commitment compared to the EGR101 course. Students are expected to be attentive and active while working in class 2 hours per week and around 3-4 hours outside of class. Engineering is iterative with a high failure rate. The incentive of this course is the impressiveness of finishing an incomplete or failure project and demonstrating dedication and persistence toward solving a real-world local problem. D2D serves as a boost to any academic resume with unique design experience, professional networking opportunities, and tangible materials/documentation that can be used to apply for grants and patents.


This course requires special permission/approval before registering.

Prerequisite: EGR101L