Student Staff

The student staff (many former students themselves) is an integral part of the FYD team and success of the course each semester. The class TAs, LabRATs, and Writing Consultants support students individually and as teams, modeling how to develop as engineers. Each staff member is provided with the appropriate training to be able to assist and lead first-year students by following safety rules and proper procedures -- all while remaining engaged and having fun. 

You can find more information about each role and current staff openings below.

Current Openings

There are currently no job openings, check back soon.

General Job Descriptions

Position: Class TA

TAs advise design teams throughout the engineering design process during regular class and lab times. TAs stay up-to-date and engaged with the team’s progress and deliver immediate performance and design feedback. They support the team through facilitating team dynamics as well as guiding them through the design process, including prototyping. TAs must attend both lectures and the lab for one section.

Position: LabRAT

LabRATs advise design teams outside of regular class and lab times (often in the evening or on the weekends) to help them develop prototypes. LabRATs support the safe and proper use of tools, equipment (3D printers, laser cutters, Arduino, power tools, etc.), and materials for students in the first-year design class. LabRATs typically work evenings and weekends.

Position: Writing Consultant

Writing Consultants advise design teams by providing constructive feedback on how to communicate design decisions. Specifically, writing consultants work with teams to develop high quality technical memos, oral presentations, and a poster. Writing Consultants will be scheduled to meet with assigned design teams during lecture/lab times.

How to apply to be a TA, LabRAT, or Writing Consultant:

In early March, the application will become available to apply for a fall student staff position. Interviews are held the last two weeks of the month.

Keep an eye out on the Pratt digital screens and in your Duke email inbox for details directly from “Pratt Communications”.

If you would like to express early interest, contact


*Upon hire, all Duke student staff members agree to comply with Duke’s Confidentiality Agreement.